10 Reasons Why Winter is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Time of Year

(Talgat Baizrahmanov)

By Mohammed Michael Harfoush

  1. Days Are Shorter

Let’s face it. We all have things to do, and limited time in which to do them. If you’re like me, when the sun goes down, your motivation to get to-dos done does as well.

  1. Hat Hair Becomes Inescapable

To anyone who has a head of hair they’re proud to flaunt, good luck out there in the cold. You’re going to want a hood, or beanie of some sort to help keep you warm during the winter months — the price for said warmth — one voluminous, bouncy, luscious head of hair.

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  1. Dry Skin Becomes a Fact of Life

There’s a special kind of frustration that comes with getting out of the shower, getting ready and stepping out into the cold, winter weather, only to realize when you take a quick glance at yourself in the rearview mirror, that you need to make a pit stop at CVS to pick up some lotion for your suddenly, surprisingly dry face.

  1. Runny Noses Are Virtually Guaranteed

Beards are a great, natural, way of keeping just a tad bit warmer during the winter months. But if you have a beard, you know the aggravation that a runny nose can cause when it tickles down into the hairs above your upper lip.

(Jason Rosewell)
  1. An Iced-Over Car Windshield Awaits You Most Mornings

Want to be able to just get up and go wherever you want at the drop of a dime? Don’t expect to do such during winter months. Get ready to build some muscle before hitting the road. For some, scraping the ice off their windshield can be quite the workout.

  1. A Full-Body Freeze Breezes Over You Upon Waking

Your alarm goes off. Your eyes open. It’s still dark outside. You start to emerge from beneath your covers. You suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to hit the snooze button; you just felt a wave of cold sweep across your torso — a tell-tale sign you’re in the throes of winter’s miserable embrace.

  1. Your Wallet Becomes Emaciated

Tis the season to go into crippling debt. If you don’t have a credit card ready and waiting for specifically this time of year, get ready to either get skimpy on your gift giving or be prepared to sacrifice a good stack of actual cash to save face in front of friends and family.

  1. Bad Drivers Are Made Worse by Hazardous Driving Conditions

Are you bothered by bad drivers? Get ready to have that aggravation doubled. If you thought people sucked at driving in optimal conditions, wait ‘til you get a load of how they drive when the roads freeze.

(Osman Rana)
  1. Your Dieting Efforts Become Moot

Did you spend all summer sculpting and perfecting your ideal beach bod? If so, get ready to have all your hard work go unnoticed and unappreciated by the general public. Winter necessities like sweaters and coats are going to bury any trace of midsection maintenance you want to show off.

  1. Frigid Nights Stall Your Social Outings

Ever get home from work and feel the sudden urge to call up some friends for a night on the town? Think again if it’s winter. There’s a decent chance that neither you, nor anyone in your social network, will feel compelled to brave the cold for the sake of an impromptu rendezvous.

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